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When looking in the USA to find a cheap lawyer you need to ask yourself this question. What do Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and cheap lawyers have in common?    A dumb question to be sure, as there is no Santa Claus, Easter Bunny or cheap lawyers; however if you have a legal problem and you need to get it fixed, there are some lower cost alternatives to consider .. Please Visit our Cheap Lawyers Blog

Free Pro Bono Lawyers

For most people the need is for a personal lawyer rather than a business lawyer. Pro Bono Lawyers donate their time as a community service to help poor people with non criminal maters where a lawyer will not be supplied by the state, as is the case for criminal defense where a court appointed public defender is supplied for serious cases where prison -jail time is a possibility with a guilty verdict.


Divorce somewhere around 50% of marriages fall apart and end up in some sort of legal proceeding be it a

annulment which happens if the couple is legally bound for a year or less in most cases.

mediated divorce where both parties share the same lawyer which happens for easy divorces.

separations and custody of kids .

where there is lots of property involved a full blown divorce in court which can be devastating to families financially and mentally .

International Divorce, Very convoluted and intricate especially when there are kids involved or more that 2 countries juri strict ions

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense, DUI and Speeding tickets and other traffic infractions many times you will not need representation but on DUI and Criminal matters you really need to protect your interests as you could end up in jail faster than you might want to. DUI where there is a injury involved in most states in the US is a felony and you will be facing jail time sometimes even years.

With many jurisdiction increasing the number of police on the roads actively looking for speeders as a way to generate revenue the number of people getting arrest for DWAI and DUI as well as things like no insurance and paperwork not in order there are more people than ever finding themselves in front of judges. 

So what do you do? You need to be resourceful and find where there is legal help available and be prepared to help in your own defense.

US Immigration

Immigration these laws it seems are changing on a daily basis and you really need a immigration specialist one interesting facet of US immigration law is that they have what are called Immigration Advocates who in many cases work for non profits are legally allowed to represent immigrants in a immigration hearing the only place where non lawyers can lawfully represent you in front of judges that this happens that we are aware of. Check the free lawyers and pro bono pages on this site to find more information.

Free Immigration Lawyers



When talking to a paralegal they cannot give you specific legal advise, but they can help you fill out forms, and you might be surprised at some of the solutions they might suggest that you as a lay person might not even be aware are available, like talking to the Small Business Administration if you have problems with your business. SBA offices will often times have retired lawyers that they can refer you to get free advise. SBA offices usually have libraries with lots of reference tools that you can use.

Legal Forms Online

One resource that you might consider is which provides many legal forms that you can fill out yourself; many times if the item under consideration is straightforward this can be a simple and easy solution.  Simple divorce and wills are just some of the things they have available for very little money. They also provide articles, many are very topical such as using bankruptcy to avoid or forestall foreclosure of your home.  They also have forms for simple wills and simple incorporations. With the state of the economy being so rough the US county and state courts understand that money is tight and they are seeking solutions like divorce mediation so that people can get simple divorces as inexpensively as they can this is a solution they are favoring more and more every day.


Many times both parties would if possible like to avoid going to court and a mediator might be a solution that works for your circumstances. Divorces in particular using this strategy might save you thousands of dollars, which in this taxing emotional period not introducing or enlarging existing money problems can make a bad situation, a little more bearable.

There is always going to be a need for lawyers, and figuring out when is always going to be tricky. Many lawyers will answer some questions for you for free to see if you do need there services, others might charge a small consultation fee. If you do need a lawyer, looking for a cheap one might actually cost you more money in the long run! 

This is not legal advice and should not be acted on as legal advice. This is general information for you to consider.  If you have legal question get legal help from a licensed attorney or paralegal in your jurisdiction.

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